Team Tonkin


  • Brandy Livingston and Aaron Hearn...

    From the time she was born, she’s known no other home but a hospital bed. She’s now 16 months old and waiting to undergo a second liver transplant. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Her name is Rosalie and her grandparents are caring for her at the moment. They are Brandy Livingston and Aaron Hearn. They’ve been spending weeks on end in Toronto, away from work and their teenage son, caring for their granddaughter Rosalie. Rosalie’s medical condition has placed a huge emotional and financial strain on Brandy and Aaron and their family, but they are holding up well because it is Rosalie’s health and the love they have for her that is their main concern. Hopefully a match can be found for baby Rosalie to receive a new liver. The Hearn’s are devoting their entire lives to helping Rosalie and they could use some help themselves. A Toronto hospital has been a home away from home for the Hearn Livingston family as they fight to keep baby Rosalie alive. It’s a long and hard road for a child undergoing a liver transplant, but with the love and support of family, friends and the community, she will pull through

  • Vicky Presseault Pineau

    Mother of three awaits her second double lung transplant: Imagine being 36 years old, a mother of three boys, and be told you have one year to live unless you have a double lung transplant? And then when a donor set of lungs does come available, you undergo the lung transplant only to find out your body has rejected the lungs and in order to survive, you must undergo a second double lung transplant? All this while having to live away from home in Toronto close to the transplant hospital waiting for a donor set of lungs. This has been Vicky Presseault Pineau’s enduring health challenge, not to mention the financial challenges she and her family faces while they live in Toronto near the transplant hospital. She’s a fighter, but she can’t do it alone.